Transitional Shelter Program

This program is being prepared to launch on October 1, 2022. Please check back for more information.

Mission Statement

To provide transitional shelter for people who are looking to move into more permanent  housing and are wanting help to remove barriers to that goal.

Program Description

  • A temporary shelter program for 6 months (up to 12 months with 1 month extensions at a time).

  • A program with case management that will help a person work on employment goals, physical health goals, mental health goals, recovery goals, and housing goals.

  • A program for women and possibly women with school age children. The children must attend local school and be supervised at all times by their parent when on the church property.

  • A program that is safe and healthy for the people who participate, safe and health for the church, and safe and healthy for the community.

  • A program that helps those who want to help themselves. The people who are involved with the program will not work harder than the participants.

Application Qualifications

  • 18 years and older adult female.

  • Must have a history of homelessness, which may include living with others in a non-permanent manner (such as sleeping on couches). 

  • May be from the Fern Ridge community or the Eugene-Springfield area. 

  • Must be currently drug and alcohol free. They may have a history of substance use, but they must be willing to participate in programs to aid in their sobriety and be willing to have random drug and alcohol testing. 

  • Must be willing to set goals and work on them on a daily basis.

  • Must be willing to have others help them with achieving their goals. 

  • May have mental health diagnosis and symptoms, but must be willing to work on their mental health wellness with professionals.

  • Must be willing to find employment that is suitable.


  • Applications are taken on a rolling basis.

  • Applicants must fill out all the paperwork in full to be considered. 

  • Applicants will meet with the Case Manager and the Program Supervisor for an interview. Part of the interview will be a drug test and background check process. Applicants must pass both to be considered.

  • Applicants must fill-out and sign all the paperwork and agreements once they are accepted before they move in, including setting goals.

  • Applicants will work with the QMHP to complete a mental health evaluation and assessment process before moving into the shelter.